The brand Marvel is owned by the company name I&S which stands for Iqbal & Sons. This is a tribute and love of sons to their fathers for what he left for them in shape of a business named Shafi & Sons Trading Company. Beside this the other key objective of the company is to give our participation of building Pakistan in terms of self-Reliance in FMCG. That’s why we introduced the concept of “PPPP” which stands for "proudly presenting Pakistani Product".

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Marvel Products Reviews

Marvel have the best detergents in Pakistan.They clean things beautifully.Above all, they are a pakistani company and I am proud of using pakistani products.

I have been using marvel hand wash for quite some time now, and i must say that it is a very economical yet a very friendly brand. It is easily available as well as very economical.

The best part about marvel products is that you have a satisfaction that you are strengthening the local economy through this.

I started using marvel cling wrap a little while ago. Its quite useful.

Marvel wax paper has a variety of uses, and it is not very expensive compared to tissue paper. I believe people should shift to wax papers.