1) Cling Wrap

Plastic wrap is the kind of household item that everyone – even children – probably has seen, touched or used at least once in their lives. Most people might, however, not realize the full potential of this product, which can be used for much more than wrapping sandwiches and making funny DIY projects. Before we start, did you know? Keeping in fridge make the cling wrap more stretchable, also you can wet the cling wrap to make it cling more. But that's just one thing. There are hundreds of other benefits associated with cling wraps. See below

  • Put Plastic Wrap Over Open Bottles And Screw On The Cap To Keep Leaks From Occurring.
  • Make Your Bananas Ripen More Slowly With This Plastic Wrap Trick.
  • Set Your Jewelry Between Two Sheets Of Plastic Wrap To Prevent It From Moving Around And Tangling Inside Your Bag.
  • Get Rid Of Blackheads With Plastic Wrap.
  • Cover Your Fridge Shelves With Plastic Wrap To Make For Easy Cleaning.
  • Make Any Cup Spill-Proof For The Kids With Some cling Wrap.
  • Use Plastic Wrap As Disposable Plastic Aprons To Protect Clothes.
  • Attaching Sliced Onion With Plastic Wrap To Your Foot Will Help Cure Your Illnesses Overnight.
2) Wax Paper

Wax paper is invaluable in the kitchen. When you’re baking, it helps cookies, brownies and all sorts of things not stick to your pan, making cleanup a snap. But did you know that wax paper has lots of household uses? It repels dust, lubricates surfaces and much more. Here are the best wax paper tips and tricks that we’ve found!

  • Make your chrome faucets shine.
  • Run wax paper through your printer to create a decorative wood transfer.
  • Clean your iron by putting salt on wax paper and ironing it. Sounds strange, but it really works!
  • Put wax paper on top of your kitchen cabinets to keep grease and dust off the wood. Change the wax paper sheets every few months.
  • Rub wax paper on your shower curtain rod to help the shower curtain rings glide more smoothly.
  • Rub wax paper on garden tools to prevent rust and to remove dirt and grime when necessary.